How different is your difference (really)?

Does everyone on your team, including your sales people, know your best competitive advantage?

We can do our best creative work and you can do your best selling with your strongest differentiation uncovered and verbalized. This is done with expert Rapport associates through a series of exercises with you and ideally includes talking to your customers. It always surprises clients and tests all of our assumptions at every step, and helps us make sure results are valid and lead to the best customer action.

Then strategies can be developed and tactics planned to help you communicate that difference in the most compelling way, from a pre-qualifying conversation to your latest blog or website content.

Ask about our half-day sessions.

It was a really good session. You created an opportunity for us to look at our business from the outside in… and you did it well! I hope we always continue to learn and who better to learn with and from than those we trust and respect… those who walk the talk. Thank you.

– Judi Hughes, Your Planning Partners