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We’ve assembled an extraordinary team of designers, web developers, content and production experts so we can focus on execution, consistently excellent creative and quality control. Meet our top three.

lisa-byrnesLisa Byrnes • Senior Designer

Lisa majored in advertising and design at George Brown College. Following graduation in 2001, she was immediately destined for stardom. Detecting her immense talent and versatility, her teacher hand picked her to be a designer at his new firm Enfilade Communications. Keeping the size of her head in check, Lisa dove directly into the world of high-end marketing and communication. Her clients included Mercedes-Benz Canada, Mazda Canada, Rogers AT&T Wireless, Mac’s Convenience Stores, Barbados Tourism Authority and Teletoon. She quickly became part of the design team for premier magazine/newspaper ads, corporate branding, direct mail, large format banners and posters, POP and booth displays, story-boards, and websites.

Since joining Faith Seekings Design in 2004, Lisa has been an invaluable source of dedication, integrity, and complimentary creative talent. When not doing her design diva duties, Lisa dives into baseball or dabbling as an illustrator extraordinaire with watercolours, pen and ink.

Terri CarsonTerri Carson • Brand and Marketing Strategist

Terri’s achievements are too many to list. She helped build brands like London Life, Midas, Tetley Tea, Winners, Corby Distillers, etc. She has run her own consulting company, working in many industries from B2B to financial services, is a Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner, and has furthered her skills through Strategic Leadership Development and attending the Creative Problem Solving Institute.

Terri knows exactly how to move your brand or service to a new level and maximize its value. She’s totally committed to taking clients to the top in extremely competitive markets – and keeping them there through smart strategy and planning.

Beth ParkerBeth Parker • Writer and Strategic Advisor

Beth wanted to be a writer when I was five years old, so naturally studied math and science. Beth eventually got a Masters Degree in Journalism. She then went to work managing staff — mostly writers, publishers, artists, editors, marketing people and communication staff.

Twenty years after my first job, I decided to be a writer. Since 1999 I’ve worked with well over 100 businesses, marketing communications studios, boutique consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, banks and arts organizations. My clients like my work because I understand writing, marketing, communication and business.

“I like working with Rapport because they such breath of fresh creative air, and highly skilled. Clients get what works for them—that’s the secret of good marketing.”

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