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Unarmed & Dangerous

In the business world it’s often very easy to get carried away with an idea and run long and hard with it. And it happens more often than you might think. Why? Because ideas are seductive. They’re attractive. And if … Continue reading

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Direct Marketing: Everything Old Is New Again

Some of us here at Rapport are actually old enough to remember a time when electronic communication was considered to be a radio or TV commercial. Direct mail was one of the most powerful forms of advertising outside of television, and relative to television, cost considerably less. With the advent of web advertising and email marketing, traditional direct mail went through a fairly substantial downturn. Mainly because, it was argued, that its computerized counterpart was much more cost effective to produce.

Over the past few years, we’ve begun to notice something of a renaissance in direct mail marketing. Continue reading

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What does ‘rapport’ mean to you?

A fun exercise for Rapportians – Using the word ‘rapport’ create an interesting and exciting poster that depicts the notion of rapport. Though the contest is only open to Rapport employees, you can still get in on the fun. Maybe you can help too by sharing with us What Does Rapport Mean to You? Continue reading

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Hiring a Design Firm is a Leap of Faith.

I’ve had a number of prospective clients who’ve had a negative experience working with a design firm or marketing company in the past. However, there’s only so much time we can spend and efforts we can make to win your trust if you’re just not ready. Take your time, but eventually you just have to take the leap and let us try. Continue reading

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Good Time Management These Days It Can Be A Real Competitive Advantage

Slowly but surely, the advent of the Internet and the dramatic growth of electronic publications and web based communications, web sites, social media and all the rest have all taken the hard edge off of deadlines. As a consequence, the world seems to have become much more lax in terms of meeting them. Continue reading

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Your Marketing Plan was a Waste of Time… if it Lives in a Drawer.

We can write strategies and plans to our heart’s content, but if they don’t translate to action, there’s no point. On the other hand, action without strategy and planning is scattered and much less effective. It seems like a lot of work, but once you get it going, get into a groove and start seeing results, it’ll get easier and easier. And remember, you’re not alone. Continue reading

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Creating a small town buzz in the Big City

It’s easy to connect with others in a close knit community like the Sunshine Coast where everybody knows each other and small businesses thrive on word of mouth referrals. However, building rapport in a big cosmopolitan city is a much harder task. But that is exactly what a young graphic designer named Faith Seekings did. President and Creative Director of Rapport Communications & Design Inc., a boutique graphic design and communication firm in the heart of Toronto’s historic district, Seekings has created a buzz in the entrepreneurial community. Continue reading

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Building a Great Team with Rapport

Hiring – especially for the first time – can be one of the scariest moves as an entrepreneur. Rapport currently has nine crew on top of me, and the dog. I’ve had a lot of experience with this and, though was lucky to find really great people, learned a few things along the way.
– Try prospects out on a project or two before committing.
– Define the need/position first, then find the right person.
– Personality and ‘fit’ into culture is as important as skill.
– Be open to them doing things differently then you and let them shine. Continue reading

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Common Marketing Challenges of B2B Marketers – Part I

Some may argue that B2B companies often have a limited number of organizations that they can sell (or market) to, so they don’t require big budgets. Versus companies that are selling to the masses, it is true B2B marketers don’t require big budgets. However, the argument here is not for creating big budgets, but for allocating budgets that are big enough to allow your organization to “out shout” the competition. Continue reading

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Finding Clarity

At Rapport we do a brand positioning session where we ask clients a number of questions about what they actually do, their ideal clients, how they find them, their goals, what makes them different. We go through lists of words … Continue reading

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