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The Lost Art Of Caring About Your Clients.

Do you have genuine rapport with your communications suppliers? If you do, then you’re lucky. Because a great many marketing people are not really happy with their suppliers. And while there are many reasons for this unhappiness, a lot of it generally has to do with the people side of things. Continue reading

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Marketing: How Many Vendors Do You Really Need?

It’s not uncommon to go to different partners for different marketing needs. What’s the harm in that? Well… depending on the circumstances the harm can be wasted time, wasted money, wasted impact and lost opportunities. All the things a successful business does NOT want.
Clearly, large organizations with entire departments that take care of websites, advertising, social media, etc., often need different vendors for each of these services. The key is they have professional Marketing Coordinators to manage it all. But for most organizations, that role doesn’t exist and one vendor is the right approach. The advantage is strategic focus, less time required from you, deep commitment and value and oftentimes, a firm that is as committed to your success as you are. Continue reading

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