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10th Anniversary Part I: Clients want design that builds business!

You hire a creative firm for one main reason – to improve your business. Whether it’s a design firm, a full service marketing company, ad agency or web development firm, you are looking to increase business, your market share. That being said, the prettiest, coolest, wittiest most clever creative work does you no good if it’s not aligned with business objectives and lead prospects to take action. Continue reading

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How do you know you’re doing enough marketing?

Having a plan allows you to not only reassure yourself you are doing enough, but also support the sales team by making sure they have what they need and they are using their tools effectively. Continue reading

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What Comes After The Click?

You decide to spend on a Pay Per Click campaign. Key phrases well chosen, ads artfully written for that small space. Best time of day to have the ads show up selected. You monitor, nurture and tweak as you watch the reports.

The reports say that lots of people are clicking-through, but you aren’t getting conversions. You’ve figured out your metrics and feel that out of X click-throughs at least Y should be getting in touch. But no one is – what’s happening? Continue reading

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Can Good Design Have A Positive Impact On Your Bottom Line?

Today’s consumers, whether they fall into the B2B or B2C category, have an extremely well-developed sense of what constitutes appealing design. And while they cannot always articulate what it is about a well-designed piece of communication or campaign that attracts their attention and interest, they know what they like, and more importantly they know, and tend to avoid what they don’t like. Continue reading

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Should B2Bs Think About Mobile Websites? Part II

I know in my last blog I said content didn’t have to change for mobile, but it warrants consideration. Ideally you’d only update content in one place and see it magically appear across-the-board, but you might consider the opportunities afforded by the different behaviours of mobile surfers. Continue reading

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The QR Code – A True Sign of the Digital Times

The QR code is all about helping you deepen your relationship with your customers by providing them with instant mobile access to the information you want them to have, without their need to be sitting at a computer.

QR codes are intriguing when spotted and give instant gratification – no need to remember the URL for later. Continue reading

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Unarmed & Dangerous

In the business world it’s often very easy to get carried away with an idea and run long and hard with it. And it happens more often than you might think. Why? Because ideas are seductive. They’re attractive. And if … Continue reading

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Creating a small town buzz in the Big City

It’s easy to connect with others in a close knit community like the Sunshine Coast where everybody knows each other and small businesses thrive on word of mouth referrals. However, building rapport in a big cosmopolitan city is a much harder task. But that is exactly what a young graphic designer named Faith Seekings did. President and Creative Director of Rapport Communications & Design Inc., a boutique graphic design and communication firm in the heart of Toronto’s historic district, Seekings has created a buzz in the entrepreneurial community. Continue reading

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How to Ask for Feedback

We encourage clients to run their marketing materials by an advisory board or, even better, ideal clients at a not too early stage. However, if you simply say “what do you think” the question is too open-ended. The breadth of feedback can be overwhelming and have you needlessly second-guessing yourself. Here are some tips on how to get the most useful input. Continue reading

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