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Marketing Plus Sales Plus Social Media Managers

Marketing and sales were always told “you have to work together”. But there’s a new name in town – known by various titles such as Social Media Manager. Smart companies these days are making sure they integrate all three critical roles into their sales process. Continue reading

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Website Videos: A New Way to be Found Online

Ignore DAO marketing at your peril! When properly set up, search engines pick up your web content in all forms that isn’t text-file based: videos, animation, podcasts, message boards, maps, images. Putting a video on your website, for example, can seriously increase your search visibility and ranking position. Continue reading

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Blog Posts versus White Papers

Should blogs replace white papers? We think not because they serve two different purposes. And, when done well, would have very different structures and content.

Blogs are good for up-to-date breaking news, “how-to” advice and opinions. They’re also good at promoting a discussion among a group of prospects, creating a “buzz” that keeps the sales decision in front of your customer. White papers, on the other hand, contain solid research and valuable info, not just opinions. When well done, they are persuasive essays, critical for selling something that’s complex and/or involves a larger investment. Continue reading

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Making Time for Social Media

One of the biggest criticisms of social media is the amount of time it appears to take to get involved in it. The platforms may be ‘free’ to use, but time is money and definitely a roadblock to companies getting involved, especially when there’s not a lot of hard evidence of the ROI, especially for B2Bs. However, we believe social media activity is important as part of a complete marketing map. And, with a little planning, it doesn’t have to be a big time suck for B2Bs. Continue reading

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How do you know you’re doing enough marketing?

Having a plan allows you to not only reassure yourself you are doing enough, but also support the sales team by making sure they have what they need and they are using their tools effectively. Continue reading

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Social Media – How to Separate Personal From Business.

To help keep your company and it’s employees professional use of social media separate from personal, start with a plan so everyone has a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish. Continue reading

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Social Media Success Seminar a BIG HIT

A way-back play-back. I am converting some old articles to blogs but I can’t even update this one. Read on and see how much has changed (or not) in less than four years. Thursday March 26, 2009 Rapport hosted a … Continue reading

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