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Building a Foundation for Marketing Your Service

Before leaping into the creative, when it comes to marketing your service there are several key questions to ask yourself that will reveal the best methods for marketing your service, developing a creative brief, creating the guidelines to keep things … Continue reading

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Top 5 Creative Marketing Ideas

Do you think you can’t compete for attention in a crowded market place? Or that it would cost too much to do it? Many give up before they start, thinking it’s just not possible, so why bother? Fear not! There … Continue reading

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Your Digital Marketing Strategy; Are you there yet?

With all the trend reports talking about the age of digital marketing strategy, many companies are asking, “should we be doing more?” or even if they’re in the digital game. The first thing to remember is “digital marketing strategy” should … Continue reading

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The Big Three – Social Media 101

Wikipedia defines Social media as information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. It’s a fusion of sociology and technology, transforming monologue (one to many) into dialog (many to many) and is the democratization of information. … Continue reading

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Getting it done. What’s holding you back?

What marketing pieces are sitting “in limbo” at your company? Do you have a website that needs re-doing—perhaps in the works but not complete? A direct mail campaign stuck in “creative”, a social media strategy you haven’t implemented, a tag … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: “How many billion have you spent?”

Initial names are successful when earned, not created. So why do otherwise smart businesspeople slap initials on a logo and think their work is done? Because very successful companies like GE, BMW and UPS surround them. People see this successful Branding and think they can emulate it. Continue reading

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Build a Great Team to Get More Stuff Done By Doing Less.

We have geared our entire modus operandi to helping our clients get things done, their marketing in particular.
Not just for the sake of ticking them off their to do list. But for the sake of building their customer relationships, creating awareness, tying up loose communication ends, taking advantage of tactical opportunities…in short, whatever is require to move their business forward. Continue reading

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If you can’t measure it, are you wasting your money?

Research scientists have a saying—“if you can’t measure it, you can’t count it.” No assumptions, guesswork or spidey sense—either you have the data to back your claim, or you don’t make it. Should the same principle apply to your marketing efforts?
Yes, mostly, but with some caveats.
Marketing ROI draws its conclusions using measures that are quantitative—how many, how much—as well as qualitative—what did people feel, experience. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary: Top Ten Things Learned, Part IV

I know from our own experience that nothing beats people talking about you and telling people who trust them they should consider hiring you. However, the referred prospects need to see for themselves that you live up to the positive words of your referral source. They need to see a website and perhaps other marketing tools that confirm your legitimacy, professionalism and provide a bit
more information – understand what you can do for them. Continue reading

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When’s a Good Time to Redo Your Website? Part V

People are looking at your website on a mobile device. Your site should at least work properly. I’ve seen many that are just mini versions of the full site, but I’ve seen some that don’t work at all, look completely broken. The best mobile websites are not just scaled down versions of their big brothers, but redesigned for the medium. The images are often minimized or deleted, the navigation may take up the whole screen as a list, or made to look like navigating an app looks. It’s simplified. Continue reading

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