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Your Digital Marketing Strategy; Are you there yet?

With all the trend reports talking about the age of digital marketing strategy, many companies are asking, “should we be doing more?” or even if they’re in the digital game.digital marketing strategy

The first thing to remember is “digital marketing strategy” should be part of your overall marketing strategy. You’re probably already doing it to some extent, whether you know it or not.

Secondly, don’t let the lingo baffle you—it helps to review the definition. Digital marketing strategy is about how to promote your brand or company using digital channels. For example, this could include messages sent directly to cell phones, social media, online advertising, but also, conducting a simple email campaign.

Digital marketing strategy plus traditional marketing strategy equals success.

Thirdly, good marketing and branding companies combine digital marketing strategy with traditional tactics in order to get the best results for their clients. Social media is no longer the domain of the 20 year-olds. Remember, Facebook has been around 9 years and LinkedIn 10 — today’s “experts” aren’t new to the business. Most are now seasoned marketers!

Dyoung digital marketing strategy experto you need a digital marketing expert?

Yes and no. You certainly need a firm that understands digital marketing strategy. Traditional marketing firms are used to looking at the big picture, developing strategies that combine market research and target analysis before they start creating and designing. The good ones are well equipped to integrate what has always worked well (e.g. direct mail) with social media (direct mail linked to a social media campaign).

But do look for a firm that knows how to make the technology work for you (as opposed to leaving you baffled), and people who believes in it’s power. Be wary if you hear comments like, “we still don’t really know if Facebook works.” The truth is, with the right audience, we DO know it works. You just have to plan and choose correctly.

Sometimes simple is best, like email marketing.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: social media doesn’t have to be complicated. Email lets you take advantage of one of the greatest benefits of digital marketing—directing messages to individual names on your list, customized content, and direct tracking responses.

digital marketing strategy can be simpleFor B2B companies, e-mail campaigns and e-newsletters each remain an extremely effective digital marketing strategy for sharing good news messages, building credibility and delivering bits of “value” to customers. (Such campaigns continue to be the most effective online tool; even beating out paid and organic search.)

Digital marketing tools that anyone can use.

Other simple and effective tools used in a digital marketing strategy include:

  • Customer surveys
  • Electronic greetings and invites
  • Customer appreciation coupon or offer
  • Facebook page to promote an event

Don’t fear that you’re not doing enough. The best strategy is to make sure you’re picking the “digital channels” most suitable to your audience. Talk with your marketing experts and see what they advise—you may be more “digital” than you think!

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of digital marketing strategy Rapport is executing for our B2B clients, please get in touch with Faith.

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