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Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc.

Rebranding, with website and launch party

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Challenge: After five years in business the client needed a new brand that demonstrated the company’s maturity, it’s differentiator and appealed to two very different groups: individuals and corporations. The brand character was big firm expertise and experience, with small company, family feel.

Solution: Find the common denominator for both groups. It was that both groups are stuck and need to find a way forward. Tagline: Starting Over. Starting Now. The icon reiterates the notion.

Delivered: Logo, tagline and positioning statement, stationery, website design, copywriting and e-newsletter. We also planned the launch party and provided invitations, bannerstands and goody bags with branded swag.

Results: Rebranding results are often cumulative, but it immediately took the company to a new level in the eyes of professionals who refer them regularly. Plus, they’ve had new clients specifically say how much the new tagline resonated with them, sealing their decision to hire Ira Smith.

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