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Junior Chamber International (JCI)

2011 JCI World Conference Campaign [portfolio_slideshow width=520 id=797]

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Guest Blog: “Language and legal follies”

It is always a challenge to develop a Brand name that won’t offend or annoy at least one human being somewhere on this planet. But your first linguistics checks should be done against your native language. Not only is there an infinite and growing amount of slang you probably don’t know about, you simply never know how someone might interpret your potential name. Continue reading

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I thought we had a plan?

Spending time and money on a marketing plan is a good idea for three main reasons: Commitment to what you are doing and when Assigning responsibility for making those things happen Knowing how much it will cost and how you’ll … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: “How many billion have you spent?”

Initial names are successful when earned, not created. So why do otherwise smart businesspeople slap initials on a logo and think their work is done? Because very successful companies like GE, BMW and UPS surround them. People see this successful Branding and think they can emulate it. Continue reading

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