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The Lost Art Of Caring About Your Clients.

Do you have genuine rapport with your communications suppliers?

If you do, then you’re lucky. Because a great many marketing people are not really happy with their suppliers. And while there are many reasons for this unhappiness, a lot of it generally has to do with the people side of things.

Great Attitude Makes All The Difference

In the ideal world, your communications company would be populated by people who listen carefully, challenge logically and ask good questions, because they know that’s the best way to understand the marketing challenges you are facing. They would also be people that you like working with — bright and positive and fun. And it would be very obvious right from the outset that these are people who genuinely care about the work they do and helping their clients succeed no matter what the challenge or the deadline.

Caring People…Quality Thinking.

At Rapport, we have a shop full of people just like this. Because, besides strategic and creative talent, the friendliness and likeability and caring attitude of our people are the things our clients tell us they like most about working with us.

Our Name Is Our Promise

At Rapport, we take our name quite literally. Because we know that building rapport with our clients, and their customers in turn, makes it a win-win for everyone.

Contact Tom McGall  at 416-368-8956 or tom@rapportinc.ca to find out more about how Rapport’s communication skills can help your business succeed, and how Rapport’s people can make it a totally enjoyable and rewarding process for you.

Plan it thoughtfully | Execute it creatively
Measure it accurately | Make the process enjoyable


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