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If you can’t measure it, are you wasting your money?

Research scientists have a saying—“if you can’t measure it, you can’t count it.” No assumptions, guesswork or spidey sense—either you have the data to back your claim, or you don’t make it. Should the same principle apply to your marketing efforts?
Yes, mostly, but with some caveats.
Marketing ROI draws its conclusions using measures that are quantitative—how many, how much—as well as qualitative—what did people feel, experience. Continue reading

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The Lost Art Of Caring About Your Clients.

Do you have genuine rapport with your communications suppliers? If you do, then you’re lucky. Because a great many marketing people are not really happy with their suppliers. And while there are many reasons for this unhappiness, a lot of it generally has to do with the people side of things. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Part V: There’s No Substitute for Good Back-end Web Development

First and foremost Rapport is a design firm – we want everything to look great and communicate how it’s intended to. There are tools that let designers build websites, but when you want to do something complicated, you really need great back-end web development so it’s stable, well tested, thought out, a progressive solution and lasts a few years. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary: Top Ten Things Learned, Part IV

I know from our own experience that nothing beats people talking about you and telling people who trust them they should consider hiring you. However, the referred prospects need to see for themselves that you live up to the positive words of your referral source. They need to see a website and perhaps other marketing tools that confirm your legitimacy, professionalism and provide a bit
more information – understand what you can do for them. Continue reading

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More on Proprietary Websites

I’ve written about what proprietary websites are in a previous post because I’ve had several clients, or prospective clients who have built sites on proprietary systems and run into trouble later on. They weren’t happy with the service or the fees and wanted us to take over management, refresh or expand it. Unfortunately, they were unable to move the site because it was built on a framework that belongs to someone else. Continue reading

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