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When’s a Good Time to Redo Your Website? Part II

It’s time to redo your website if it’s become an embarrassment. Dated design alone may not justify the expense, but if it’s also guilty of a couple of the following, you may have a case.

  1. Content and Design is Out of Date (see Part I)
  2. Not Search Engine Friendly
  3. Doesn’t have any interactive elements
  4. Can’t Update it Yourself
  5. Doesn’t work on mobile

Let us know by commenting what’s making you consider taking the new website plunge!

Not Search Engine Friendly

B2Bs have been skeptical about the importance of being found on Google since the dawn of Google. They assume their website is an online brochure that only gets looked at by those who already know them, or have been referred to them and are just doing research. Not true any longer. Being findable is a minimum requirement.

There’s simply being findable (ex: not all Flash) and then there’s optimization.

Two Things I Know About SEO

The first is that even if you don’t think it’s important, some of your competition does and they are beating you to the coveted first page of results as you read this. The second thing is, from personal experience, it really works, I swear. Rapport is a B2B company and our best leads in the last 12 months have come from Google searches, and developed into relationships just as strong as if they were a referral.

Plus, the younger generation is more likely to use Google to find you because they want instant answers and that’s just how you find stuff.

At Least Register on the Google Radar

As long as you build your website to be search engine friendly (WordPress is a great platform for that), update it occasionally, install Google Analytics and add a Google +1 button you’ll at least make the radar. Go a step further and optimize the site itself behind the scenes and front page with key words and phrases, add alt tags to photos. Add lots of content like blog posts and newsletters.

Google also values interactivity (like blogs, forms and sign-ups) and social relevancy (like a social accounts associated with your URL).

Full-on Search Engine OptimizationFull commitment to search engine optimization

Making a real effort with search engine optimization requires ongoing care and feeding by a skilled and experienced expert, and time to build up. Just keeping up with Google’s algorithms is a full-time job. You may be blown away by the cost per month, but if you compare it to traditional marketing and your potential ROI, it’s really not so much.

Being Found by Your Own Name Doesn’t Count

Wouldn’t it be a happy accident if someone was searching some phrase to solve a problem that you happen to have in a recent blog post and they end up on your site? Maybe it isn’t even what they were looking for but gives them a new idea on approach, and they contact you.

The point is to be found. Even if you don’t put up a big flashing sign and guys on the corner with spinning ad-boards, at least put an open sign in the window.

Follow this series for elaboration on all five points. If you’d like to discuss what SEO can do for you or your site in general, call Faith.

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