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Getting Your Team Onboard With Your Brand

We hear many people express frustration that their employees, particularly their salespeople don’t utilize the brand properly. This often happens because they haven’t bought into it, it’s too difficult or they simply don’t know enough about it. Continue reading

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How do you know you’re doing enough marketing?

Having a plan allows you to not only reassure yourself you are doing enough, but also support the sales team by making sure they have what they need and they are using their tools effectively. Continue reading

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Who Can and Can’t Do Websites?

To me, the development is the easy part. About 90% of websites are pretty straightforward – versus a bank with a zillion customer logins, high security, connecting to huge systems, etc. With great tools like WordPress – which we’re using a lot – most sites don’t need to be built by a specialty firm, just a good coder. It’s so 2005 to think only web developers can create websites. Any truly full-service communications company should be able to incorporate websites and digital marketing into your plan and make them work hard for you. Continue reading

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