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Behind The Cost of Search Engine Optimization and PayPerClick

There are a number of things that can make your site more appealing to Google and therefore show up higher when prospects search your keywords. This ongoing care includes more than knowing the technology, but a whole lot of keeping up with and understanding what Google likes. It’s a specialty, an expertise that is separate from web development. Continue reading

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What Comes After The Click?

You decide to spend on a Pay Per Click campaign. Key phrases well chosen, ads artfully written for that small space. Best time of day to have the ads show up selected. You monitor, nurture and tweak as you watch the reports.

The reports say that lots of people are clicking-through, but you aren’t getting conversions. You’ve figured out your metrics and feel that out of X click-throughs at least Y should be getting in touch. But no one is – what’s happening? Continue reading

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