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What Does My Brochure Have to do With My Website?

Top five ways to ensure your marketing tools are working optimally. 1. Draw them up as a map with your goal (i.e. call for meeting) at the centre so you can visualize going from one to the next through the prospects’ eyes.
2. Establish basic strategy, like target audience and what you stand for up front, it will really help guide you when adding pieces down the road.
3. Every time you add a piece check that it’s consistent brand-wise with other marketing tools. Think design – colours, fonts and basic grid layout. Also think messaging, the way you talk about the company and it’s value proposition.
4. Ask yourself what you want prospects to do once they’ve seen the piece (i.e. call you, go to website, Tweet about you). Does it encourage them to do it? Can you make it more purposely drive prospects to the next part, or more parts of your funnel?
5. One of the best ways to maintain a strong map is to have all pieces worked on by the same person or group. That means, find a marketing company to help that understands your business and goals, who you work well with and can do it all so you aren’t bouncing from supplier to supplier, or doing it yourself. Continue reading

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Lost in Transmission

How Should We Communicate?
Take the time to have as many face-to-face meetings is necessary to understand both sides – what the client is looking for and what we’re offering. It’s also necessary in order to present the creative in a way that demonstrates, not only your capabilities and knowledge, but making sure the client clearly understands the scope and intent of everything being offered Continue reading

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What Are Proprietary Websites?

Proprietary websites are built with closed-source technology that the developer owns and controls. You essentially license it and often continually pay for access to it, and that access is very limited. Continue reading

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