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Web Design VS Web Programming

The different kinds of suppliers in the website building industry have a lot of clients labouring under a serious misconception. The misconception lies in the term ‘web design’ vs ‘web programming’. Web programming companies serve a great purpose on complex sites with their deep technical knowledge. Web designers skills revolve around design, communication and brand, on and beyond the web. Continue reading

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A Re-branding Project Plan

Most firms need to re-brand at some point, especially after the first 5 – 10 years in business. How should you approach this and what should you expect from your design firm as a project plan. I not only re-brand clients regularly, but I’ve done it myself. Once you’ve decided to rebrand (see past post The Right Time to Re-brand), what would the steps involved be? All design firms will have their own processes and approach, but would likely include the same basic principles as ours. Continue reading

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Building a Great Team with Rapport

Hiring – especially for the first time – can be one of the scariest moves as an entrepreneur. Rapport currently has nine crew on top of me, and the dog. I’ve had a lot of experience with this and, though was lucky to find really great people, learned a few things along the way.
– Try prospects out on a project or two before committing.
– Define the need/position first, then find the right person.
– Personality and ‘fit’ into culture is as important as skill.
– Be open to them doing things differently then you and let them shine. Continue reading

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Common Marketing Challenges of B2B Marketers – Part I

Some may argue that B2B companies often have a limited number of organizations that they can sell (or market) to, so they don’t require big budgets. Versus companies that are selling to the masses, it is true B2B marketers don’t require big budgets. However, the argument here is not for creating big budgets, but for allocating budgets that are big enough to allow your organization to “out shout” the competition. Continue reading

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