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Social Media – How to Separate Personal From Business.

To help keep your company and it’s employees professional use of social media separate from personal, start with a plan so everyone has a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish. Continue reading

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Top 10 Elements Often Lacking in Marketing Materials.

Many marketing tools are missing some basic things that can make a huge difference. How many of them are lacking in yours? Continue reading

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Why B2Bs Should Care About Optimization (SEO)

Social media has created reasons to care about SEO from both ends of the spectrum. We know how prolific Google is for finding all kinds of information = if you generate content, people will find it. Second, social media makes it easy to get your content out there. Continue reading

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How to Ask for Feedback

We encourage clients to run their marketing materials by an advisory board or, even better, ideal clients at a not too early stage. However, if you simply say “what do you think” the question is too open-ended. The breadth of feedback can be overwhelming and have you needlessly second-guessing yourself. Here are some tips on how to get the most useful input. Continue reading

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Building Business Growth Momentum

The best fuel for sales momentum: deliver a great experience. For clients, a great experience is essential to keep them coming back and prompting them to refer you to others. When we had clients interviewed as part of our own re-branding and saw that good design and competitive rates were just table-stakes. What they loved about us was the relationship, how easy it was to work with us and how well taken care of they were. That may sound soft, but remember the negative stereotypes I was up against – it was huge and wonderful to have that reputation. Continue reading

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Marketing To Women. Contrary To Popular Male Belief, There Really Is A Difference

Marketing to women, There are ten top tips, in which you will find as you read through it is, there is a high level of interconnectivity between all of these characteristics. Continue reading

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