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When Disaster Strikes

Three deaths affecting four senior people in a matter of two weeks. Bill Tibbles talks about how the family environment, great relationships and M.O. at Rapport allowed those left standing to pick up where help was needed. Continue reading

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They used to say it takes seven points of contact to make a sale…

It takes many points of contact to make a sale. These include everything from your business card and websites to personal appearances and that article you wrote for an industry association. Being bombarded by so many different kinds of messages, the more the merrier (different scope and means is great) and the more consistent the better. Continue reading

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Where Do I Start When Creating a Brand Message?

A lack of consistency in marketing tools can create large gaps and even stop the trek through your marketing, on the way to your pre-sale action step. However, many businesses don’t know where to even begin identifying and building their brand character. Besides hiring pros, there are a couple things you can do internally to get an idea of the right direction. Continue reading

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Website Strategy Integrating Social Media Part II

Consider social media activities not just part of your web strategy, but overall strategy. Like all the pieces of your marketing map, when moving from one thing to the next there are many opportunities to strengthen that connection. When moving from Twitter to your website, what do they see when they land that creates continuity? Continue reading

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