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Moving Means Change

Moving = Change
Now is a good time for review

There are several issues to address when you’re moving into a new office space. For example, you’ll need to consider having your stationery updated, perhaps a new sign made for the hallway or building, or beside the elevator, etc. The fact that you are moving, however, suggests something has changed for the company. Now is an excellent time to review how you’re marketing yourself.

What’s changed for you this year?

Ask yourself the following. If you’ve been in business for a couple years, have your grown, added new services or dimension, aiming to conquer bigger mountains?  Does your logo still make you proud? Does your website still inspire you and do what you need it to? Does your messaging still articulate your brilliance and why you’re the best in your field?

Name 2-3 factors that have changed for you or in your business environment from a year ago. Perhaps your clients have different needs? Are you conducting business in another region or country? Have you added new skills to your organization?

Where do you want to be in a year?

Now think about the current position of your company. Pat yourself on the back for everything you have accomplished. Next, think where you want it to be in a year. What is the biggest thing you want to accomplish over the next year? Your goal might be based on revenues, landing some investment dollars or gaining specific clients.

What are your marketing tools?

Make a list of the items, or platforms that you use to represent yourself or your business. Your list might include: business cards, web site, blog, articles, speaking, events, networking, Twitter, brochures, trade shows, crm, newsletter, webinars, etc.

Look at all of your existing marketing tools and evaluate them against:
1) The things that have changed for you, and
2) What you want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

Next think about how these items look as well as your messaging, matching them up against your target audience. Do your existing tools still reflect and support you in what you want to accomplish this year and in light of recent changes?

If you have added new skills to your company, have you listed these? If so, then the next step will be as simple as updating your website’s services page.

If you’ve changed your client focus from large enterprises to SMEs, you will want to make sure that your content is still appropriate. For example, large businesses are all about the bottom line and efficiencies, whereas SMEs are a little more about relationships and trust. Ask yourself if your current approach still resonates with this new target.

Your clients may be holding back due to the economy. This is a good time to change your messaging to be more sympathetic or collaborative, maybe demonstrate your value to them more.

Think for a moment about these things and write down some things you may have spotted. These maybe items that that might need changing to meet your vision for the year and take into account changes that have occurred.

Once you look at your marketing tools in this light, some of you may say ‘okay, it’s clear to me that I need to make some changes.’ Others may feel extra confident in what they have already included any necessary changes. The most important thing is that you feel supported, inspired, heard seen and  excited by your tools.

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