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Top Marketing Challenges of B2Bs

B2Bs Have a LOT More Competition

Think about how few soft drinks struggle for market-share compared with how many accounting firms, IT support or financial services companies compete in just one city. Differentiation for the B2B company is a daunting task. The key to success is finding out what makes the B2B really special. Trust me, your first thought is what all of your competitors say – dig deeper. Rapport helps you do the digging by getting to know our clients well enough to pull the information out of them – that’s our differentiator.

B2B also is all about developing leads. At Rapport we ask: how can we use your differentiator to develop a lead generating plan, something that makes you STAND OUT?

Applying Your Differentiator

Consider all points of contact (e.g. business card, ad, etc.) and what they’ll inspire prospects to do next (i.e. visit your web site, then join your mailing list or contact you for a consultation). Maybe your differentiator can be developed into a physical, usable marketing piece that is unique (see our portfolio sample below). Or perhaps it can be turned into an original web-based application like a calculator or a tour that makes your site immediately helpful to visitors. Check out New Toronto Group’s snazzy new web site with a “find a course” web application that shows of their own ColdFusion talent.

At Rapport, our goal is to listen, push, listen more, then dig out your differentiator. We bring in extra professional help where needed – then create marketing and branding that makes you stand out in a sea of competition.

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