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What to Expect: Turn-around on Website and Design Projects

The answer to ‘how long do they normally take’ can be as varied as the different types of projects and unique elements required – especially website design and development. Start by identifying key delivery dates, then build backwards to identify key milestones. Your full service design and marketing firm should know from experience how long projects typically take, and lead the way. The key is to discuss it all at the outset of a project, and make sure both sides agree to comfortable schedules. Continue reading

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Web Design VS Web Programming

The different kinds of suppliers in the website building industry have a lot of clients labouring under a serious misconception. The misconception lies in the term ‘web design’ vs ‘web programming’. Web programming companies serve a great purpose on complex sites with their deep technical knowledge. Web designers skills revolve around design, communication and brand, on and beyond the web. Continue reading

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Why B2Bs Should Care About Optimization (SEO)

Social media has created reasons to care about SEO from both ends of the spectrum. We know how prolific Google is for finding all kinds of information = if you generate content, people will find it. Second, social media makes it easy to get your content out there. Continue reading

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How to Ask for Feedback

We encourage clients to run their marketing materials by an advisory board or, even better, ideal clients at a not too early stage. However, if you simply say “what do you think” the question is too open-ended. The breadth of feedback can be overwhelming and have you needlessly second-guessing yourself. Here are some tips on how to get the most useful input. Continue reading

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How to Set a Marketing Budget in a Mid-sized B2B Company

Setting a marketing budget is the best way to keep control of your marketing dollars and plan cash-flow for the upcoming year. However, it’s very common for mid-sized and even large companies not to have one at all, but it … Continue reading

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