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Have You Looked at Your Website on a Smartphone?

Some look like mini versions of the full site, but some completely break, especially older websites and Flash (on iThings). You may think people aren’t looking at your site on mobile devices but that’s absolutely wrong. Statistics show that smartphones are outnumbering plain cell phones by huge quantities now. How Can You Get Mobile Friendly Without Redoing the Whole Site? Continue reading

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Celebrating Ten Years… Back to Basics

Rapport celebrates it’s tenth anniversary this March which, of course, inspires much navel-gazing. I have been thinking about what got us here. What are we best at? Look how much has changed in the last 10 years! How we can continue building on that success in this changing world? Continue reading

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Your Website is a Sales Tool, Make it Work Hard.

Unlike their B2C counter-parts, many B2Bs treat their websites as an online brochure. While it should showcase all that is unique about your company and express what you have to offer, it should also be treated as a lead generating tool with a focus on conversion. Continue reading

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Should B2Bs Think About Mobile Websites? Part I

The biggest reason is the sheer proliferation of smart phones. Millions of Canadians are using smart phones for more than texting and talking and the number grows every year. You can surf on regular cell phones, but smart phones have made it a much better experience. Continue reading

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