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What Comes After The Click?

You decide to spend on a Pay Per Click campaign. Key phrases well chosen, ads artfully written for that small space. Best time of day to have the ads show up selected. You monitor, nurture and tweak as you watch the reports.

The reports say that lots of people are clicking-through, but you aren’t getting conversions. You’ve figured out your metrics and feel that out of X click-throughs at least Y should be getting in touch. But no one is – what’s happening? Continue reading

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Building Rapport Through Excellent Account Management

Client service excellence isn’t about doing what no one else can do; it’s about doing what anyone can do, but doesn’t. – Leo Bottary, Vice President, Public Affairs at Vistage International This statement is a good summation of the attitude … Continue reading

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Marketing: How Many Vendors Do You Really Need?

It’s not uncommon to go to different partners for different marketing needs. What’s the harm in that? Well… depending on the circumstances the harm can be wasted time, wasted money, wasted impact and lost opportunities. All the things a successful business does NOT want.
Clearly, large organizations with entire departments that take care of websites, advertising, social media, etc., often need different vendors for each of these services. The key is they have professional Marketing Coordinators to manage it all. But for most organizations, that role doesn’t exist and one vendor is the right approach. The advantage is strategic focus, less time required from you, deep commitment and value and oftentimes, a firm that is as committed to your success as you are. Continue reading

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Brand for Success: Using Personal Brand To Land That Great Job

The power of a brand to make the right connection with customers—lead to sales—is well documented. In fact, many successful job seekers have adopted brand principles when looking for the right job, then built on their brand to launch a successful career. Continue reading

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Creating a small town buzz in the Big City

It’s easy to connect with others in a close knit community like the Sunshine Coast where everybody knows each other and small businesses thrive on word of mouth referrals. However, building rapport in a big cosmopolitan city is a much harder task. But that is exactly what a young graphic designer named Faith Seekings did. President and Creative Director of Rapport Communications & Design Inc., a boutique graphic design and communication firm in the heart of Toronto’s historic district, Seekings has created a buzz in the entrepreneurial community. Continue reading

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What Does My Brochure Have to do With My Website?

Top five ways to ensure your marketing tools are working optimally. 1. Draw them up as a map with your goal (i.e. call for meeting) at the centre so you can visualize going from one to the next through the prospects’ eyes.
2. Establish basic strategy, like target audience and what you stand for up front, it will really help guide you when adding pieces down the road.
3. Every time you add a piece check that it’s consistent brand-wise with other marketing tools. Think design – colours, fonts and basic grid layout. Also think messaging, the way you talk about the company and it’s value proposition.
4. Ask yourself what you want prospects to do once they’ve seen the piece (i.e. call you, go to website, Tweet about you). Does it encourage them to do it? Can you make it more purposely drive prospects to the next part, or more parts of your funnel?
5. One of the best ways to maintain a strong map is to have all pieces worked on by the same person or group. That means, find a marketing company to help that understands your business and goals, who you work well with and can do it all so you aren’t bouncing from supplier to supplier, or doing it yourself. Continue reading

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What Are Proprietary Websites?

Proprietary websites are built with closed-source technology that the developer owns and controls. You essentially license it and often continually pay for access to it, and that access is very limited. Continue reading

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Opportunities Tech Firms Are Missing in Their Marketing

Most tech firms put a lot of emphasis on their technology, and not enough or zero on the service that goes with it. Many treat service as an after-thought, as an unimportant bit of data. By doing this they’re missing out on a chance to differentiate themselves and including sales-talk that’s meaningful to the end-user. Continue reading

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The Best Advertising I have Seen in Years

This week, driving home in a rainstorm, the traffic was worse than usual. Sitting in my car, late for an evening meeting, I was fascinated to see a guy in a raincoat holding a big florescent cardboard sign that said “Simon Wookey”…I thought “Interesting, wonder what that’s about?” 20 feet up the street was another guy holding a similar sign that said, “will”. Ultimately a total of 5 signs… Continue reading

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What to Expect: Turn-around on Website and Design Projects

The answer to ‘how long do they normally take’ can be as varied as the different types of projects and unique elements required – especially website design and development. Start by identifying key delivery dates, then build backwards to identify key milestones. Your full service design and marketing firm should know from experience how long projects typically take, and lead the way. The key is to discuss it all at the outset of a project, and make sure both sides agree to comfortable schedules. Continue reading

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