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What does ‘rapport’ mean to you?

A fun exercise for Rapportians – Using the word ‘rapport’ create an interesting and exciting poster that depicts the notion of rapport. Though the contest is only open to Rapport employees, you can still get in on the fun. Maybe you can help too by sharing with us What Does Rapport Mean to You? Continue reading

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Finding Clarity

At Rapport we do a brand positioning session where we ask clients a number of questions about what they actually do, their ideal clients, how they find them, their goals, what makes them different. We go through lists of words … Continue reading

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How is Social Media Effecting Brand Value?

I think this split in valuing is also occurring because so many people are participating in public dialogues about brands. Most of us use the internet to research before we buy and find thousands of real people’s opinions and feedback. We used to just buy into whatever we were told by advertisers. Now we have much more information available to develop our own opinions. Regarding the discrepancy – perhaps the people behind ‘financial market valuing’ aren’t paying enough attention to the public and or simply using out-moded metrics. Continue reading

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