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More on Proprietary Websites

I’ve written about what proprietary websites are in a previous post because I’ve had several clients, or prospective clients who have built sites on proprietary systems and run into trouble later on. They weren’t happy with the service or the fees and wanted us to take over management, refresh or expand it. Unfortunately, they were unable to move the site because it was built on a framework that belongs to someone else. Continue reading

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Design – More Important Than Ever

As part of our tenth anniversary, we reflect on things that have changed most in the past decade. What stands out (not surprisingly) is the digital revolution and the reduced call for print design. Some may think production now belongs … Continue reading

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Blog Posts versus White Papers

Should blogs replace white papers? We think not because they serve two different purposes. And, when done well, would have very different structures and content.

Blogs are good for up-to-date breaking news, “how-to” advice and opinions. They’re also good at promoting a discussion among a group of prospects, creating a “buzz” that keeps the sales decision in front of your customer. White papers, on the other hand, contain solid research and valuable info, not just opinions. When well done, they are persuasive essays, critical for selling something that’s complex and/or involves a larger investment. Continue reading

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Social Media Success Seminar a BIG HIT

A way-back play-back. I am converting some old articles to blogs but I can’t even update this one. Read on and see how much has changed (or not) in less than four years. Thursday March 26, 2009 Rapport hosted a … Continue reading

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