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How Many Points of Contact to Make a Sale?

They used to say it takes seven points of contact to make a sale. That number has increased drastically in recent years due to the number of additional messages we are bombarded with everyday on the internet (went from 300 … Continue reading

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How Do You Know It’s Good?

You know you need a new brand/ad campaign/website, so you hire a professional to help you. They present two or three concepts for you to choose from, but you can’t really tell the difference. How do you know which is best? How do you know any of them are really good (other than they’re better than what you had)?

You don’t need to be a marketing expert or a designer to appreciate good work, but you do need to feel confident in what you’re creating. Continue reading

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Blog Posts versus White Papers

Should blogs replace white papers? We think not because they serve two different purposes. And, when done well, would have very different structures and content.

Blogs are good for up-to-date breaking news, “how-to” advice and opinions. They’re also good at promoting a discussion among a group of prospects, creating a “buzz” that keeps the sales decision in front of your customer. White papers, on the other hand, contain solid research and valuable info, not just opinions. When well done, they are persuasive essays, critical for selling something that’s complex and/or involves a larger investment. Continue reading

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What Comes After The Click?

You decide to spend on a Pay Per Click campaign. Key phrases well chosen, ads artfully written for that small space. Best time of day to have the ads show up selected. You monitor, nurture and tweak as you watch the reports.

The reports say that lots of people are clicking-through, but you aren’t getting conversions. You’ve figured out your metrics and feel that out of X click-throughs at least Y should be getting in touch. But no one is – what’s happening? Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Focus

We find that often once the ideal is defined, clients are reluctant to gear marketing to them. The reason is that occasionally a great client/customer comes along that does not fit into the definition, and they’re afraid of pushing them away by focussing marketing efforts on the definition. Focus on attracting what you want and the rest is gravy. Continue reading

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Opportunities Tech Firms Are Missing in Their Marketing

Most tech firms put a lot of emphasis on their technology, and not enough or zero on the service that goes with it. Many treat service as an after-thought, as an unimportant bit of data. By doing this they’re missing out on a chance to differentiate themselves and including sales-talk that’s meaningful to the end-user. Continue reading

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Marketing To Women. Contrary To Popular Male Belief, There Really Is A Difference

Marketing to women, There are ten top tips, in which you will find as you read through it is, there is a high level of interconnectivity between all of these characteristics. Continue reading

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