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I thought we had a plan?

Spending time and money on a marketing plan is a good idea for three main reasons: Commitment to what you are doing and when Assigning responsibility for making those things happen Knowing how much it will cost and how you’ll … Continue reading

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Common Marketing Challenges of B2B Marketers – Part I

Some may argue that B2B companies often have a limited number of organizations that they can sell (or market) to, so they don’t require big budgets. Versus companies that are selling to the masses, it is true B2B marketers don’t require big budgets. However, the argument here is not for creating big budgets, but for allocating budgets that are big enough to allow your organization to “out shout” the competition. Continue reading

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How to Set a Marketing Budget in a Mid-sized B2B Company

Setting a marketing budget is the best way to keep control of your marketing dollars and plan cash-flow for the upcoming year. However, it’s very common for mid-sized and even large companies not to have one at all, but it … Continue reading

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