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8 Tips for Choosing a Design Firm

How to choose a marketing or design firm, and what to expect. Working with creative people is different than working with many business consultants or suppliers. They typically dress and act more casually and express themselves more colourfully. They also … Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Part III: Always Make Time for Proofing and Testing

Always Make Time for Proofing and Testing. When a client needs something in a rush from us we always manage to make it work. It’s not a regular habit, but things get forgotten or come up last minute. It can be a little stressful as both sides drop other things and rush to get it done. But, no matter how rushed, you must make time for proofing and testing. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Part I: Clients want design that builds business!

You hire a creative firm for one main reason – to improve your business. Whether it’s a design firm, a full service marketing company, ad agency or web development firm, you are looking to increase business, your market share. That being said, the prettiest, coolest, wittiest most clever creative work does you no good if it’s not aligned with business objectives and lead prospects to take action. Continue reading

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Building a Strong Brand

Brand is reflected in every interaction the outside world has with your company. It’s the emotional connection your audience has with your company. Building a really strong brand takes a lot of work. Any designer worth their salt can create a nice looking logo, but that won’t get far on its own. Continue reading

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Your Website is a Sales Tool, Make it Work Hard.

Unlike their B2C counter-parts, many B2Bs treat their websites as an online brochure. While it should showcase all that is unique about your company and express what you have to offer, it should also be treated as a lead generating tool with a focus on conversion. Continue reading

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How Do You Know It’s Good?

You know you need a new brand/ad campaign/website, so you hire a professional to help you. They present two or three concepts for you to choose from, but you can’t really tell the difference. How do you know which is best? How do you know any of them are really good (other than they’re better than what you had)?

You don’t need to be a marketing expert or a designer to appreciate good work, but you do need to feel confident in what you’re creating. Continue reading

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Common Challenges of B2B Marketers – Part II

Common wisdom in the sophisticated world of B2C marketing is “If you build something without fully understanding what the customer wants, you are probably not going to sell as much of it as you like”. Continue reading

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Unarmed & Dangerous

In the business world it’s often very easy to get carried away with an idea and run long and hard with it. And it happens more often than you might think. Why? Because ideas are seductive. They’re attractive. And if … Continue reading

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Direct Marketing: Everything Old Is New Again

Some of us here at Rapport are actually old enough to remember a time when electronic communication was considered to be a radio or TV commercial. Direct mail was one of the most powerful forms of advertising outside of television, and relative to television, cost considerably less. With the advent of web advertising and email marketing, traditional direct mail went through a fairly substantial downturn. Mainly because, it was argued, that its computerized counterpart was much more cost effective to produce.

Over the past few years, we’ve begun to notice something of a renaissance in direct mail marketing. Continue reading

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Good Time Management These Days It Can Be A Real Competitive Advantage

Slowly but surely, the advent of the Internet and the dramatic growth of electronic publications and web based communications, web sites, social media and all the rest have all taken the hard edge off of deadlines. As a consequence, the world seems to have become much more lax in terms of meeting them. Continue reading

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