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Graphic Design Versus Web Design

I am having déjà vu because I think we wrote about this a few years ago. However, so much as changed since then. What hasn’t changed is the divide between the two disciplines and the effect on clients’ marketing, which … Continue reading

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The Marketing Map

A great way to review your marketing efforts. In the business-to-business sector, gaging the ROI of your marketing efforts is never easy. Most B2B companies use several points of contact (or marketing tools) that can range from face-to-face networking to … Continue reading

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Build a Great Team to Get More Stuff Done By Doing Less.

We have geared our entire modus operandi to helping our clients get things done, their marketing in particular.
Not just for the sake of ticking them off their to do list. But for the sake of building their customer relationships, creating awareness, tying up loose communication ends, taking advantage of tactical opportunities…in short, whatever is require to move their business forward. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary: Top Ten Things Learned, Part IV

I know from our own experience that nothing beats people talking about you and telling people who trust them they should consider hiring you. However, the referred prospects need to see for themselves that you live up to the positive words of your referral source. They need to see a website and perhaps other marketing tools that confirm your legitimacy, professionalism and provide a bit
more information – understand what you can do for them. Continue reading

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Make Your Tradeshow a Sales Success!

Lots of companies make what I would call half-hearted attempts at tradeshows thinking they’ll just test the waters. They get a not-so-great response and feel it’s not worth it, they’ll never do it again. They may be missing out on some great opportunities. If you’re going to try it, follow these five steps. Do so as professionally as possible, it’ll make the pay-off on the overall investment much higher. Continue reading

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Behind The Cost of Search Engine Optimization and PayPerClick

There are a number of things that can make your site more appealing to Google and therefore show up higher when prospects search your keywords. This ongoing care includes more than knowing the technology, but a whole lot of keeping up with and understanding what Google likes. It’s a specialty, an expertise that is separate from web development. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Focus

We find that often once the ideal is defined, clients are reluctant to gear marketing to them. The reason is that occasionally a great client/customer comes along that does not fit into the definition, and they’re afraid of pushing them away by focussing marketing efforts on the definition. Focus on attracting what you want and the rest is gravy. Continue reading

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Can Good Design Have A Positive Impact On Your Bottom Line?

Today’s consumers, whether they fall into the B2B or B2C category, have an extremely well-developed sense of what constitutes appealing design. And while they cannot always articulate what it is about a well-designed piece of communication or campaign that attracts their attention and interest, they know what they like, and more importantly they know, and tend to avoid what they don’t like. Continue reading

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Should B2Bs Think About Mobile Websites? Part II

I know in my last blog I said content didn’t have to change for mobile, but it warrants consideration. Ideally you’d only update content in one place and see it magically appear across-the-board, but you might consider the opportunities afforded by the different behaviours of mobile surfers. Continue reading

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Building Rapport Through Excellent Account Management

Client service excellence isn’t about doing what no one else can do; it’s about doing what anyone can do, but doesn’t. – Leo Bottary, Vice President, Public Affairs at Vistage International This statement is a good summation of the attitude … Continue reading

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