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8 Tips for Choosing a Design Firm

How to choose a marketing or design firm, and what to expect. Working with creative people is different than working with many business consultants or suppliers. They typically dress and act more casually and express themselves more colourfully. They also … Continue reading

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Sell More to the People Who Already Love You

Our existing and past customers already believe in us, but just may not know what else we can do for them. Dedicate a marketing effort to making sure they know your depth, and keep you top of mind. The late, great Fred Crean built a business on the conviction that it costs up to 4X more to win new clients than to sell more to existing clients. Continue reading

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Build a Great Team to Get More Stuff Done By Doing Less.

We have geared our entire modus operandi to helping our clients get things done, their marketing in particular.
Not just for the sake of ticking them off their to do list. But for the sake of building their customer relationships, creating awareness, tying up loose communication ends, taking advantage of tactical opportunities…in short, whatever is require to move their business forward. Continue reading

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If you can’t measure it, are you wasting your money?

Research scientists have a saying—“if you can’t measure it, you can’t count it.” No assumptions, guesswork or spidey sense—either you have the data to back your claim, or you don’t make it. Should the same principle apply to your marketing efforts?
Yes, mostly, but with some caveats.
Marketing ROI draws its conclusions using measures that are quantitative—how many, how much—as well as qualitative—what did people feel, experience. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Part V: There’s No Substitute for Good Back-end Web Development

First and foremost Rapport is a design firm – we want everything to look great and communicate how it’s intended to. There are tools that let designers build websites, but when you want to do something complicated, you really need great back-end web development so it’s stable, well tested, thought out, a progressive solution and lasts a few years. Continue reading

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How to keep your design project on time and on budget

Most people think of design work as fun and freewheeling, but, like any other “product” the design process has a beginning, lots of steps in the middle, and an end. The key to keeping design projects on time and on budget is to plan what the steps are and when they will occur before you start the work. Continue reading

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Hiring a Design Firm is a Leap of Faith.

I’ve had a number of prospective clients who’ve had a negative experience working with a design firm or marketing company in the past. However, there’s only so much time we can spend and efforts we can make to win your trust if you’re just not ready. Take your time, but eventually you just have to take the leap and let us try. Continue reading

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