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Guest Blog: “How many billion have you spent?”

Initial names are successful when earned, not created. So why do otherwise smart businesspeople slap initials on a logo and think their work is done? Because very successful companies like GE, BMW and UPS surround them. People see this successful Branding and think they can emulate it. Continue reading

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Guest Blog: “Bootylicious and BlackBerry Jam”

Your Brand is unique. Your name should be too. So please don’t add to the infinite number of names that copycat Apple’s system of names starting with i. Same goes for anything ending in -ia, -opia, –licious or –city, which were inspired by the likes of Expedia, Fruitopia, Bootylicious and Travelocity, but have now been done. To death. They’re just not differentiating anymore. If you have any names like these on your shortlist, cross them out or risk sounding stale and contrived. Continue reading

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Building a Strong Brand

Brand is reflected in every interaction the outside world has with your company. It’s the emotional connection your audience has with your company. Building a really strong brand takes a lot of work. Any designer worth their salt can create a nice looking logo, but that won’t get far on its own. Continue reading

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You Built It, Now What?

Would you build a big, beautiful building in the wilds of the Greater Toronto Area and expect people to just stumble in? There’s a lot of competition out there and visitors want to be engaged. You need to give them a reason to go to your site. Five ways to drive people to your site… Continue reading

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Panel Discussion Recap: Driving Corporate Growth Through Your Brand

We had a great seminar last Tuesday morning (June 21, 2011) with panelists Bruce Croxon, the founder of Lavalife, Joseph Pileggi, Director of Client Services at Thomson, Rogers Barristers and Solicitors, Terri Carson, Brand & Marketing Strategist, Rapport, Sandra McEwan, Vice President, Valuations Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and moderator Faith Seekings. See the Top Brand Tips for Growth. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Focus

We find that often once the ideal is defined, clients are reluctant to gear marketing to them. The reason is that occasionally a great client/customer comes along that does not fit into the definition, and they’re afraid of pushing them away by focussing marketing efforts on the definition. Focus on attracting what you want and the rest is gravy. Continue reading

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