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How Do You Know It’s Good?

You know you need a new brand/ad campaign/website, so you hire a professional to help you. They present two or three concepts for you to choose from, but you can’t really tell the difference. How do you know which is best? How do you know any of them are really good (other than they’re better than what you had)?

You don’t need to be a marketing expert or a designer to appreciate good work, but you do need to feel confident in what you’re creating. Continue reading

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Who Can and Can’t Do Websites?

To me, the development is the easy part. About 90% of websites are pretty straightforward – versus a bank with a zillion customer logins, high security, connecting to huge systems, etc. With great tools like WordPress – which we’re using a lot – most sites don’t need to be built by a specialty firm, just a good coder. It’s so 2005 to think only web developers can create websites. Any truly full-service communications company should be able to incorporate websites and digital marketing into your plan and make them work hard for you. Continue reading

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Brand for Success: Using Personal Brand To Land That Great Job

The power of a brand to make the right connection with customers—lead to sales—is well documented. In fact, many successful job seekers have adopted brand principles when looking for the right job, then built on their brand to launch a successful career. Continue reading

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