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Can Good Design Have A Positive Impact On Your Bottom Line?

Today’s consumers, whether they fall into the B2B or B2C category, have an extremely well-developed sense of what constitutes appealing design. And while they cannot always articulate what it is about a well-designed piece of communication or campaign that attracts their attention and interest, they know what they like, and more importantly they know, and tend to avoid what they don’t like. Continue reading

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Should B2Bs Think About Mobile Websites? Part II

I know in my last blog I said content didn’t have to change for mobile, but it warrants consideration. Ideally you’d only update content in one place and see it magically appear across-the-board, but you might consider the opportunities afforded by the different behaviours of mobile surfers. Continue reading

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Building Rapport Through Excellent Account Management

Client service excellence isn’t about doing what no one else can do; it’s about doing what anyone can do, but doesn’t. – Leo Bottary, Vice President, Public Affairs at Vistage International This statement is a good summation of the attitude … Continue reading

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Your Marketing Plan was a Waste of Time… if it Lives in a Drawer.

We can write strategies and plans to our heart’s content, but if they don’t translate to action, there’s no point. On the other hand, action without strategy and planning is scattered and much less effective. It seems like a lot of work, but once you get it going, get into a groove and start seeing results, it’ll get easier and easier. And remember, you’re not alone. Continue reading

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What to Expect: Turn-around on Website and Design Projects

The answer to ‘how long do they normally take’ can be as varied as the different types of projects and unique elements required – especially website design and development. Start by identifying key delivery dates, then build backwards to identify key milestones. Your full service design and marketing firm should know from experience how long projects typically take, and lead the way. The key is to discuss it all at the outset of a project, and make sure both sides agree to comfortable schedules. Continue reading

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Building a Great Team with Rapport

Hiring – especially for the first time – can be one of the scariest moves as an entrepreneur. Rapport currently has nine crew on top of me, and the dog. I’ve had a lot of experience with this and, though was lucky to find really great people, learned a few things along the way.
– Try prospects out on a project or two before committing.
– Define the need/position first, then find the right person.
– Personality and ‘fit’ into culture is as important as skill.
– Be open to them doing things differently then you and let them shine. Continue reading

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Why B2Bs Should Care About Optimization (SEO)

Social media has created reasons to care about SEO from both ends of the spectrum. We know how prolific Google is for finding all kinds of information = if you generate content, people will find it. Second, social media makes it easy to get your content out there. Continue reading

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Marketing To Women. Contrary To Popular Male Belief, There Really Is A Difference

Marketing to women, There are ten top tips, in which you will find as you read through it is, there is a high level of interconnectivity between all of these characteristics. Continue reading

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Marketing Map Talk and AIP

Last week I did my Marketing Map seminar for the Toronto chapter of the Association of Independent Professionals – AIP. Donna Papacosta interviewed me after and posted a podcast online. AIP Interview with Faith Seekings and Donna Papacosta I’m very … Continue reading

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