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Why the Huge Range in Web Design & Development Pricing?

Proposals on web development can vary enormously depending on the kinds of web development companies you are asking to quote, from freelancers to huge specialists. Continue reading

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How to Set a Marketing Budget in a Mid-sized B2B Company

Setting a marketing budget is the best way to keep control of your marketing dollars and plan cash-flow for the upcoming year. However, it’s very common for mid-sized and even large companies not to have one at all, but it … Continue reading

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How is Social Media Effecting Brand Value?

I think this split in valuing is also occurring because so many people are participating in public dialogues about brands. Most of us use the internet to research before we buy and find thousands of real people’s opinions and feedback. We used to just buy into whatever we were told by advertisers. Now we have much more information available to develop our own opinions. Regarding the discrepancy – perhaps the people behind ‘financial market valuing’ aren’t paying enough attention to the public and or simply using out-moded metrics. Continue reading

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Top Marketing Challenges of B2Bs

B2Bs Have a LOT More Competition Think about how few soft drinks struggle for market-share compared with how many accounting firms, IT support or financial services companies compete in just one city. Differentiation for the B2B company is a daunting … Continue reading

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