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Pollution Probe 2011 Clean Air Commute

Advertising Campaign, Event Packaging, Marketing & PSA Videos

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Challenge: Doing a brand new campaign for their annual Clean Air Commute campaign each year created a lack of continuity or recognition over time. Our challenge was to create a campaign that could be built upon year after year.

Solution: When we looked at what the campaign actually does – remove carbon from the air, and the results – bluer skies, we decided to work on Pollution Probe owning ‘blue’ much like the rest of the world owns ‘green’. This year’s campaign introduces the ‘Blue Movement.’ We created four characters to represent different types of clean air commuting, each with things coloured our ‘Blue’. We kept the design simple in order to focus on the base idea through text. We also created a logo for the campaign itself to start building brand equity.

Delivered: Overall concept development, a Clean Air Commute logo in all formats, letterhead, bookmark, direct mail brochure, workplace posters, interactive registration kit, commuter log, web skin, TTC subway and bus back-end posters, GO train poster and two PSAs.

Results: It’s a little early to see metrics as the week happened very recently. However, Pollution Probe reports a 30% increase over last years’ workplace sign-ups so far.

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