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Branding, Marketing Package and Website Design

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Challenge: Develop a new, magazine-style newsletter product for banks to give their small business clients. Then, create tools to sell this new product to conservative American banks based on the less used sales approach of mining existing customers.

Solution: Create a product brand, separate from the Signal Group that worked on it’s own and as a masthead on the magazine-style newsletter. Then, develop the product prototype itself plus the brochures and website needed to sell this product idea to the banks.

Delivered: Logo, stationery, brochure on selling more to existing clients, brochure detailing the program, website and sample first edition of magazine-style newsletter.

Results: All banks who have been presented with this product have been very interested. This market traditionally has a long closing cycle and sales are beginning to happen. The client has now written a book with this product as springboard, for which we also designed the cover.

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