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Getting it done. What’s holding you back?

What marketing pieces are sitting “in limbo” at your company? Do you have a website that needs re-doing—perhaps in the works but not complete? A direct mail campaign stuck in “creative”, a social media strategy you haven’t implemented, a tag line or ad copy you dislike but don’t know what to do about it?

Brick WallThe biggest challenge for business these days isn’t coming up with a new idea or finding sales leads. No—in far too many instances, it’s simply “getting things done”. So widespread the problem, productivity expert David Allen has built a worldwide following through his book and methodology, Getting Things Done. Others have followed suit—there’s even a “ToDo” institute based on the Japanese philosophy of action!

The reasons will vary, but the costs are immeasurable—your competition slips ahead of you, valuable leads look elsewhere, and worse of all, you carry on being busy but not busy building your business.

Suggestions for moving things forward.

Allen’s suggestions for “getting things done” include: 1) learn how to make trusted choices about what to do, at any given moment, and 2) keep track of the bigger picture, while managing the small details.

These practices are easier to put into place if you align yourself with a communications and design company that you know does excellent work—a company that simply won’t let you make the wrong decisions. You also need a firm that is as good at project management as creative. This is essential for navigating a project from beginning to completion.

In a fast-paced, competitive marketplace, why not make 2013 the year you get things done—and done right!

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