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Sell More to the People Who Already Love You

Most businesses offer more than one product or service, but many of us take for granted that people who know us are aware of all our offerings. And, that they’ll think of us when something comes up. We could be missing the opportunity for an easy sale or a great referral. Our existing and past customers already believe in us, but just may not know what else we can do for them.

Dedicate a marketing effort to making sure they know your depth, and keep you top of mind. The late, great Fred Crean built a business on the conviction that it costs up to 4X more to win new clients than to sell more to existing clients.

What stops them from buying more from you?

Aren’t aware of your whole bag of tricks. Maybe they hired you for something specific before and either really aren’t aware of your other services, or they have tunnel vision. Find creative ways to educate and remind them of what else you can offer.

You don’t stay in touch. Another problem is if they use or hear from you infrequently, they may forget you exist. I use a carpet cleaning company for home over and over. I can never remember their name, but Marsha calls me regularly to see if I want another visit.

Reach Out to Your Community Regularly

Do efficient, simple marketing activities that both put you in front of people regularly and highlight all your services. A newsletter is a low cost way to keep you top of mind. Even if people don’t read it, they will see it. Greeting cards will also remind people you exist, but a newsletter or blog is the perfect opportunity to talk about your services by turning them into knowledge sharing pieces or case studies.

Make sure you let your existing community know about any new services or products you’re offering, or highlighting. Don’t be shy to send direct mails or emails to your community telling them about new things. These activities also make it easier for them to refer you by providing something to pass on.

Adjust the Creative Accordingly

They already know you. You can talk to them assuming they know who you are, and like you’re sharing some great news or offering them a value-add. Continue building relationships with your community by providing helpful information that also happens to remind them you exist and focus on a service they might not know about.

Keep Your Database Up-to-date

You can spend a lot of money trying to get strangers to pay attention and absorb the fact that you offer XYZ services. Besides the creative, there’s the cost of lists and delivery, whether electronic or paper because you have to hit a HUGE number of strangers to get that 1% response rate. However, if you keep a good, up-to-date list of contacts, there’s a much higher response rate, so you can send less but get more bang for your buck.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

I’m not saying don’t market to strangers – it’s necessary to grow quickly, or to break into new markets. However, don’t forget about the diamonds in your own backyard including opportunities for increased referrals from people who are already sold on you.


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