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10th Anniversary Part VI: Survived a rebrand and a merge

We’ve learned a lot in ten years, including that we can survive massive change and thrive. Two major changes occurred in this company within months, and while we transitioned beautifully, they had their challenges and had to be approached carefully.

The first was a rebrand from Faith Seekings Design to Rapport. Many think I did it because of the merger with Tibbles Bird, but the name change came first. Why? I had outgrown Faith Seekings Design.

Going from ‘I’ to ‘we’

There I was, six unplanned years into a growing business with a great team. When I realized what I had built, and that I wanted it to continue to grow without it being all about me the brand no longer fit who we had become. It was ‘we’, no longer ‘I’. I faced concerns about losing equity built in my cool name (thanks Mom), but was reassured knowing it was still my name. The naming exercise was grueling, but when the word ‘rapport’ came out, we knew it was right.

Faith meets Bill

A month later I met Bill Tibbles in a bar. We were clients of the same consulting firm and while we met on our own, they intended to introduce us. I was looking to grow, and Bill was looking for a retirement strategy. After 30+ years in business, Bill sought a kindred firm where he could work for a while longer and transition his clients slowly. Most important to him was making sure his long-term, wonderfully loyal clients would be well taken care of.

Rapport was just developing policies and procedures, and Bill brought in many tried and true ones that we simply adapted to electronic formats. It meant doubling overnight and there were growing pains, but the merge went well!

The maturation of a brand

A year later, the initial Rapport logo and website done after the rebrand seemed immature for this company that had grown and changed so much in a short time. We did a mini rebrand to the current logo and website look.

With the addition of marketing strategy and planning, Rapport has emerged as a seasoned, full service marketing firm.

Cheers, to the future and beyond

It was a period of rapid growth and change that settled down after a year or two. But now we enter into a new phase of Rapport, with Bill retired and passing a huge milestone! We celebrated our tenth anniversary this past June with the Rapport community.

I’d like to extend a big thanks to everyone who supported us through the rebrand and merge, and will continue to enrich the Rapport community in the exciting years to come.

Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid of change but plan, plan, plan.

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