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10th Anniversary Part II: Big, Complex Projects

Our January 2012 newsletter kicked off our 10 year celebration and showed what we’ve learned. It’s a lot! This series will further explain our navel-gazing thoughts.

We Can Do Big, Complex Projects Really Well

Every time Lisa here hands me a back-up DVD of completed projects for my home collection, I’m amazed at the variety and volume of work we’ve done. Over the past two-three years we’ve had the honour of doing some much more complex projects, with multiple pieces and deadlines.

It All Comes Down to OrganizationComplex projects require great organization

By that I mean the entity and the skill.

The most important key to managing such projects is being well organized. Knowing all the deadlines, creating a work-back schedule with responsibilities assigned, making sure you have all you need well in advance of needing it and great communication with clients.

This is also where it becomes clear what kind of organization (as an entity) is needed as well. It takes people of different talents – designers and writers to focus on concept and creative, account managers to communicate with clients and production or client managers to manage all the details. I absolutely could not have done these projects alone, wearing all these hats.

Great structure frees up creatives to be creative.A Balance of Free Creativity and Structure

To be really creative one needs to be free of worrying about every detail and schedule. They just need a brief and to know what’s due next. This means they need people around who love proofreading, who love organizing and planning. People who see the big picture and think things through as a whole to cover off details, ensuring nothing gets missed.

I’m very proud of the work my team has done these last few years. Thanks guys!

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