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Avoiding Scope-creep on Web Projects

Scope-creep is when requests for changes or additions grow outside the requirements and price of the original project agreement. Website projects are the most susceptible to this. It can be simple as extra pages or complicated like adding a login area. The resulting problem isn’t just financial, but often delays. Why? And what can we do about it? Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Part III: Always Make Time for Proofing and Testing

Always Make Time for Proofing and Testing. When a client needs something in a rush from us we always manage to make it work. It’s not a regular habit, but things get forgotten or come up last minute. It can be a little stressful as both sides drop other things and rush to get it done. But, no matter how rushed, you must make time for proofing and testing. Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Part II: Big, Complex Projects

We Can Do Big, Complex Projects Really Well

Every time Lisa here hands me a back-up DVD of completed projects for my home collection, I’m amazed at the variety, volume and quality of work we’ve done. Over the past two-three years we’ve had the honour of doing some much more complex projects, with multiple pieces and deadlines. Continue reading

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When’s a Good Time to Redo Your Website? Part V

People are looking at your website on a mobile device. Your site should at least work properly. I’ve seen many that are just mini versions of the full site, but I’ve seen some that don’t work at all, look completely broken. The best mobile websites are not just scaled down versions of their big brothers, but redesigned for the medium. The images are often minimized or deleted, the navigation may take up the whole screen as a list, or made to look like navigating an app looks. It’s simplified. Continue reading

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