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When’s a Good Time to Redo Your Website? Part III

It’s time to redo your website when you’re really jealous of the competition. If you can’t be found or everything is really out of date coupled with one of the following may be enough to get the budget approved.

  1. Content and Design is Out of Date
    (see Part I)
  2. Not Search Engine Friendly (see Part II)
  3. Doesn’t have any Interactive Elements
  4. Can’t Update it Yourself
  5. Doesn’t Work on Mobile

Doesn’t Have Any Interactive Elements

Everyone can be an author now, no one wants to be broadcast to anymore, everyone wants to share theirs’ and read others’ opinions these days. Simple brochure sites that people just read through to see how great you are just don’t cut it anymore. Visitors expect more from their experience now and that can be done quite simply.

Interaction can be as simple as a video where they can control it with stop/start buttons. It can mean the ability to comment on something, fill out a survey to learn something at the end, vote on something or share it easily.

Think about the visitors experience and imagine what they might want to do next, what they would find useful, how you can engage them further (especially if not ready to buy yet).

Why Polls and Contact Forms?

People like sharing their opinion and seeing how it impacts results. Visitors use forms and sign up for newsletters because they are likely doing research or looking for something and: a) are not ready to commit by calling; or b) know they’re going to forget all about you a couple of sites later.

Don’t miss the chance to draw them into your funnel and create an opportunity for you to reconnect.

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