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Website Videos: A New Way to be Found Online

Remember when we used to talk endlessly about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? SEO focuses on keywords within text files. Well, there’s a new acronym in town—DAO (Digital Asset Optimization). Ignore DAO marketing at your peril! When properly set up, search engines pick up your web content in all forms that isn’t text-file based: videos, animation, podcasts, message boards, maps, images. Putting a video on your website, for example, can seriously increase your search visibility and ranking position.

Like writing with SEO in mind—which often results in good clear writing using specific, understandable words—using videos to increase search-ability gives marketers a way to communicate more effectively with your customers. Video clips on your website build trust, help clients visualize products and services and can be critical in making that all-important first impression. Studies show that visitors stay longer on your website when there’s at least one video, they remember what they saw and heard better, and they’re more likely to pass the video on to someone else. And of course, once you have your video, you can also upload it to YouTube for increased exposure and visibility.

I know that I stayed on the Edmonton airport website almost 10 minutes the other day to see if I could watch a flight take off on their live cam! And then I watched metal business cards being made at a Mississauga manufacturer, and a demo for erasable paper at a global research centre.
What’s one of the most memorable videos you’ve seen lately? And how long did you end up staying on that website? Do you remember the website’s name and what they were selling? Might you return again?

Sounds like it might be time to consider a video on your homepage!

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