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When to Outsource Marketing

In the growth cycle of a firm it’s normal to start outsourcing various needs, from bookkeeping to marketing firms, when you cross a certain threshold. The decision as to when to do it usually comes down to capacity and skill. Even in larger companies, the responsibility may fall on an office manager or controller, someone without a marketing head and other important work to do.

Overwhelmed by work, can't take on marketing too.The company has reached a milestone where they need to do X better as well as focus on their strength. They’re also in a better position, which also means one where they can’t afford not to do it.

You know you don’t have the time when…

You’re doing it in fits and spurts, often at 2 am. In professional services firms it’s usually the founder who’s responsible for marketing in the early days, or someone originally employed for something else. Though some items can be done internally, as the firm grows they need to focus on what they’re selling, what they’re great at, so marketing falls by the wayside. It seems unnecessary when busy, but we know that projects end and continuous efforts are needed to ensure there are more projects waiting.

It’s not just doing the pieces but managing the process. Those who outsource parts now may use different sources, and the burden of managing them is time consuming. If/when you get to the point that you want to make regular efforts, like advertising (online and off), maintaining a blog or drip campaigns, there are a lot of components. It may be time to consider hiring a designated marketing manager, either inside or out. Remember, though that freelance designer is talented, they likely don’t know how to create an event or book media.

But what do I know, I’m a __________?

We hear this kind of phrase most from professionals who’ve built a company to a level where they recognize the need to compete and maintain their success, and that they need professional help to do it. They are engineers and lawyers, not marketing experts or creative types.

Needs help, wants to outsource marketingAt this point they also know better who they are as a company (than when they started), which is an excellent time to rebrand and turn it over to someone to create a full plan and execute it professionally. It’s not just about designing a logo or a web banner, it’s about having someone to help decide the best ways to reach your target audience, plan out and manage execution of tactics. Someone to be your brand steward – maintaining your image and message, making sure things get done on time.

You don’t see me doing my own books….

Any more… I’ve been there myself – chief cook and bottle washer. Besides being my least favourite thing to do I don’t have time, I’m running a firm here. And Shane can do a way better job on my taxes than me. But I still have to meet with him and take responsibility. Same goes for marketing, we do need your attention and time to review and approve what we’ve done. However, as a full service marketing firm we can take a lot off your shoulders and create a program to take you where you want to go with marketing tools that inspire you and your team.

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