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What does ‘rapport’ mean to you?

An Internal Rapport Contest – Weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Rapportians like going a little nuts sometimes, having fun, getting their creative on. This means exercises that don’t have to be as business practical as client-work. Bill Tibbles had a fantastic idea – a competition to create a poster that depicts the notion of rapport, with the winner getting a weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Rapport.

It’s got everyone excited and has ignited a bit of healthy competitiveness.

The basic challenge.

Rapport is one of the most important features or characteristics of subconscious communication. It is commonality of perspective: being “in sync” with, or being “on the same wavelength” as the person with whom you are talking.
Using the word ‘rapport’ create an interesting and exciting poster.

  • All entries must display the word RAPPORT somewhere.
  • The Meaning of Rapport must come across in the message and/or visual.
  • Elements can include typography, illustration, photography, text, graphic elements and techniques.
  • The poster must have a simple call-to-action that includes our URL.

Who will be the judge?

We’ve given them until March 31 to get it done, and then the judging will take place April 15 in our favourite pub, the Jason George. The three judges (so far) will be from outside the company:

  • Ralph Tibbles, Graphic Design Guru
  • Beth Parker, Writer
  • Doug Hall, Photographer

The final pieces will be published on the web site, in our blog and Facebook and the overall best may be printed and sent to clients. If you want updates on the whole thing, sign up for the blog updates (top right).

You can help too.

Not just the designers will participate, but the folks on the business side too. They may take a totally different approach, and in the nature of Rapport the company, can get help from their rivals.

Though the contest is only open to Rapport employees, you can still get in on the fun. Maybe you can help too by sharing with us What Does Rapport Mean to You?

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