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When Disaster Strikes

This month I discovered how important it is to have great rapport and support within the company.

My father died recently and I was forced to be away for a period of time. As VP in charge of Client Development and handling a major portion of our clients, that is bad enough. But at the same time our senior web developer was off, our client manager’s husband died suddenly and our art director’s beloved dog passed away. If this all sounds like a story that couldn’t possibly have happened, your wrong, it did.

Having four senior people away at the same time during a relatively busy period would normally spell disaster for a small firm. Not for us, I was amazed at the dedication and team spirit this brought out in the rest of the people in the company. Not a beat was missed as everyone who was not bereaved stepped in to take on extra duties to make sure our clients were all taken care of and deadlines were met. That’s definitely team spirit and what every firm wants in their organization.

What makes this possible?

Firstly, we have a great understanding between management and staff. Everyone is involved in the day-to-day workings of the organization and has a good high-level understanding of how everything works outside of their role. This also makes them more engaged in and personally dedicated to the company’s success.

Secondly, we celebrate life and special dates together, we care a lot about each other and are all good friends. Partially due to our president Faith Seeking’s warm attitude towards everyone, we have a great working atmosphere and a lot of respect for each other.

Thirdly, it’s a joy for everyone to come to work when you are not just allowed but encouraged to have fun and enjoy your day while you work. Under those circumstances who wouldn’t step up to the plate and pitch in.

How do you create this environment?

It’s easy: build a system of trust, get to know your people and their needs as well as letting them know the needs of the firm. Make sure employees understand the importance of their job in the overall picture of the firm. We all need to know our value. That’s why yearly reviews and honest critiques make sense. Reviews reinforce why we work, our sense of worth and that we do a good job or how we can improve.

Way to go everyone at Rapport!

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