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Social Media Philosophy for All-inclusive Marketing

Getting Your Feet Wet

Many of our clients are beginning to explore the world of social media, adding it into their marketing map. They’re looking to Rapport for guidance and coaching on how they should begin this, where to spend their time and efforts and how to make the best use of it. We like to take them beyond that and ensure their efforts fit well into their marketing map and are also inline with their brand character. This often means starting at the beginning, the philosophy and drivers behind social media, which is different than traditional marketing. It’s very much a two-way relationship as opposed to one-sided conversation. My friend Scott Stratten or @unmarketing speaks regularly on the subject, and I like his thinking…


Besides having really great insight he’s one of the most entertaining speakers I’ve seen. This is why we’ve also had Scott do two Rapport seminars for us this year, on Twitter and Viral Marketing.

There’s a Lot to Learn

Within the various platforms and options of social media there are all kinds of new codes of conduct, social mores, etiquette and languages to learn.

Instead of rushing into it – ‘I gotta be there’ – remember the approach is different and well worth exploring how to do it right. Do some reading, get some tips from the masters. Most importantly, find your own voice and make strategic decisions about your approach based on your brand.

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