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Remembering thank you

Rapport’s branding was inspired on the value our firm places on good client relationships. We appreciate our clients who bring us their business over and over again, and we value those who refer others to us. We also continue to thank our suppliers who make our business run smoothly (e.g. ask our courier, Michael from Dana Point, about the cookies and donuts!).

Show Your Appreciation for Their Business

Rapport also encourages every businessperson to be thankful and show appreciation. Beyond expressing gratitude, appreciation leads to more business. Customers will talk about you and your expressions of appreciation will promote your branding.

One of our longest running clients, Signal Group, taught us that you get much greater value from giving appreciation to your existing clients than advertising to win new clients. The key is to make your customer appreciation item something that is useful or entertaining, is good enough “to keep”, and shows off your company.

Some Useful Ideas

Rapport’s creative team has produced some great customer appreciation ideas: customized/branded holiday cards and gifts, thank you cards and gifts for referrals, newsletters or emails with free tips and advice, giveaways for a party or event, and branded gifts (and believe me, finding the right s.w.a.g. is an art, not to be taken lightly).

Whatever the gesture, express your customer appreciation from the heart and always make sure the branding is consistent with your other materials.

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